Back when I first made Ruby I had a vague set of rules.

  • I wanted to get this family past the third generation since every other family I tried to turn into a Legacy blew up in the third gen.
  • The deciding factors for choosing the heir were female and they had to have Ruby’s hair color.
  • The current heir is the only one who can carry a death flower (if they have one) and only until they birth the next heir.
  • All girl babies get named after precious or semiprecious stones while the boys get normal names.

Ruby only needed 2 pregnancies to meet her goals since Pearl & Sapphire were twins and Saph had the hair. When her kids grew up I decided I needed another rule because complicated families that force me to micromanage just seem to be more entertaining in my opinion. A really full house is fun and wildly entertaining. Strange things happen when you least expect it. So I decided to institute a minimum of 3 pregnancies rule.

Sapphire ended up with 6 kids. First she had twin boys, Ulick and Tola. Tola had the hair but since he was a boy it didn’t matter. Yes I found my notes on the family LOL. Here’s Sapphire’s first baby daddy.


Her second baby daddy was the man she met while adventuring in France.


When Saph moved her second man into the house Pearl decided it was only right to console the first. It may have started out innocently enough but of course she had a child with him. Pearl was a bit hot to trot.

Saphhire also had twins for that second pregnancy. A boy and a girl, Art & Opal. Neither had the hair so yay me I get to try again! Good thing they lived in such a big house or they wouldn’t all have fit. I found a pic of the interior of the house, downstairs. That’s Dale in the kitchen cooking. He eventually got pretty good at it but he still set fire to things on occasion.


And here’s the upstairs, beds and cribs everywhere.


After Sapphire had the second set of twins, and dale had his first kid, I seriously needed a break from the babies. Time to go to Egypt. Adventuring with Saph was a lot of fun. Years later and an adventurous sim is still one of my favorites to play. While she was in Egypt I got to see my first mummy. She fought it, lost and got infected but was able to get cured before she went back home.


My favorite funny moment while exploring tombs has to be the bugs. The look on a sims face when they realize the hole they stuck their arm into was filled with bugs is even funnier than the face they make when they give birth.


While she was gone her sister, hooker Pearl, kept Saph’s man company. Of course she ended up pregnant. Again.


Sapphire seems to have deplorable taste in men. So now she needs yet another baby daddy. Saph is getting pretty close to becoming an elder. Luckily I had the Nraas mod Woohooer installed. She could be old and pregnant if need be.

The big red house was getting too crowded so I took this opportunity to move Saphhire and those closest to her to yet another home. This one was already in the library but I felt it had enough space. As soon as I got them all moved in I realized I had to remodel it due to some routing issues with the multiple sets of stairs and the lack of a rear entrance. When you have an overstuffed house a second, and possibly a third, entrance is a must!

Somewhere in here Dale aged up to elder. He started even more fires as an old sim. Never let an old fire happy sim light the fireplace. Yes, the new house had a fireplace. I have no idea how he lit his butt on fire.


Dale died in this fire but he got freaky lucky. As the family gardener he had been growing death plants and had recently harvested a flower which I did not notice was in his pocket. Upon offering the flower to the reaper he was given a second chance. Yes, death can be bribed. I hear he can be married too but I haven’t tried that yet.


Sapphire found yet another man to procreate with. Thanks to the Woohooer she can have his baby even though she will be old and grey by the time it’s born. Here is baby daddy number 3. I love the look on her face in this pic.


By now I have a house overflowing with children and baby daddies so of course she had to have twins yet again. This time the kids are both girls, Jade and Citrine. I was so happy to see that Jade had the hair even if I did have to wait until they hit the toddler stage to see it. I don’t think I could have handled one more pregnancy with Saph.


Dale died in this house. In the kitchen. As the result of yet another cooking experiment gone bad. It seems the reaper was just waiting around for him.

Dale dies.jpg

Sapphire died of old age in the same kitchen that finally claimed Dale. She was 131. It was a really, really long life. Pearl spent a lot of time crying over the loss.



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Like I said, Pearl wasn’t the heir but she was a lot of fun so I have a lot of pics of her life. Yup, I’m going to share a few before we move on 😀


This is Pearl’s first baby daddy, he was evil. Yeah those ears are freaky. For some unknown to me now reason I thought it would be fun to add a few unique physical traits to my town. I also did a huge chin, tiny ears and a giant nose.


Look at the little monster. Pretty sure he’s going to grow up to be a troublemaker just like his daddy <sigh>.


Pearl was also an artist. Having the insane trait made her paintings a bit, erm, different. She painted a lot of family portraits that still hang in their house. Unfortunately she never did a portrait of Ruby.


This is another of Pearls kids. I think she had all boys. This young man was trying to be helpful and fix the dishwasher. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for him. But hey, at least it didn’t kill him! I love making teenagers repair stuff because they won’t get electrocuted 😀


Pearl’s third son also had an unfortunate affinity for electricity.

If I show you any more pics of Pearl’s life it will ruin part of Sapphire’s story so I’ll just stop here. Just be aware that you haven’t heard the last from Pearl LOL.

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Sapphire, Pearl & Dale


Pearl, the insane klepto, grew up to be not unattractive but she sure was odd. She wanted to be a cop so I let her. The irony appealed to me. The first thing she did her klepto mojo on was the statue in front of the library. I of course, stuck it in my front yard later because, well, just because. Pearl must have had a very interesting life when she was away from the house. I never followed her around and tried to control her. She lived her own life and it turns out she had almost no morals. She kept coming home pregnant and each of her kids had a different father. Luckily she stopped all that after a few kids. Pearl was great fun to have in the house.


Sapphire started traveling as a teen. She went all over the world exploring tombs, excavating for artifacts, collecting rare bugs and fishing for exotic creatures in hidden lakes. I really enjoyed playing with an adventurer. As soon as she got back from her first trip she sold most of her loot and moved the family into a bigger trailer in the same mobile home park.


That’s when Dale started his first fire. It turned out that Dale was not as good a cook as he thought he was. Dale started many fires through the years. Most were in the kitchen but he also caught a fireplace on fire in a later home. The man was a walking disaster. But having him and Pearl in the same house meant the game NEVER was boring.


Ruby got old and eventually died in that home but she had a good life and moved on willingly.


Sapphire met a man while she was in France but it turned out he was married and the wife had issues. Saph found out she was pregnant shortly after returning from that trip. Luckily her lover followed her home. When he found out about the baby he dumped his wife and moved in. Between Pearl’s kids and Saph’s growing family they had outgrown the trailer so we had to move again.


The new house was roomy and I don’t remember if I built it or just remodeled it.



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One day while taking out the trash Ruby noticed that a man had moved into the trailer across the street from hers. And he was cute. She ended up having a kid by him but she never even let him spend the night. Unless he was baby sitting. I totally forget his name.


Ruby had 2 girls and a boy. The boy was born first. We named him Dale and he got his daddy’s skin tone. Since I was partial to female heirs Dale got a normal name.


We had planned to run across the street and get pregnant again but the guy had some blonde bimbo over there so we dumped him and went hunting for another man. I don’t remember his name either. He kinda looked like the first guy though.


This time she had twin girls. Since you don’t get to see hair color until the toddler stage we had to cross our fingers and wait for them to grow up a bit. All the females in my legacy are named after gem stones. We named the twins Sapphire and Pearl.

Sapphire, on the potty chair, got the hair while Pearl, in the toybox, must have inherited her looks from a grandparent. Dale is a teenager in this shot being a very helpful son. As you can see Dale also got the hair but being a male he had no chance to inherit the legacy. Eventually I let him move out and have a family of his own.


Ruby practiced her guitar every day and played for tips in town whenever she had time. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but she eventually made it big. Rockstar Ruby gave concerts until she became too old to look good in her costumes.


The kids did the usual bit of growing and going to school. Dale became the live in maid, cook and gardener while the girls ran a bit wild. At least we thought that was all there was too it. It turned out that if you don’t pay much attention to a child sim they can grow up with weird traits. Pearl wasn’t just weird, she was an insane kleptomaniac. Sapphire turned out to have an adventurous streak.

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I am so easily distracted

I have yet to get back to the ECV due to a minor miscalculation on my part. I found something in one of those old save game files that I just couldn’t ignore.

I found my legacy family.

The only legacy I ever had really since none of the others I tried to make made it past the third generation before my game imploded. I used to be very good at the implosion thing 😉

For those who don’t understand, a legacy family is one that you start as a single sim and stick with, for generations. The longer the better. Some legacy’s have goals, some don’t. My legacy goals were to carry on a unique hair color and try every possible way to earn money over the generations.

My hubby was hugely excited to hear I found them. Way back in 2012 he had a 2 week staycation and our plans included lots of sleeping, hanging out together, very little cooking and daily computer time together.  On day 1 he stepped away from his pc and asked what I was going to do on mine. I told him I was going to make a new sim and did he want to help? He said sure, why not and the rest, as they say, is history. Let me tell you the story….

It all started in Riverview.

We spent close to 3 hours deciding on her physical appearance, hair color & style, eye color, skin tone, clothing, personality traits. I mean we argued out every little thing. I recall being happy that he didn’t fight with me over her freckles. Then we had to name her. I finally snatched up the dictionary, flipped it open and blindly pointed a finger. Ruby. Yeah that works. He came up with the last name. The most important part of a legacy.

Ruby Poof was born.

Ruby 01.jpg

Ruby was pretty much broke. She lived in a mobile home park in a small, 1 bedroom trailer, ate the cheapest food she could find and scrounged for things to sell because she was saving up to buy a guitar. Ruby wanted to be a rockstar.

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Starting the rebuild

I’ve decided to start the rebuild here, on this short empty road in the upper left. Normally I do a mobile home park up here but not this time. I want something new and I need to have better school access. The usual travel time on the bus for my kids is an hour and a half. That really cuts into their homework time so I’ll be dropping a new school in the area also. I think this will be my “strange” area. Some spooky style homes, maybe a couple of castles, the elixir shop, a school for strange students and who knows what else.


At the bottom is the default military base. I’ll be bulldozing that too. At the upper right near the waterfall I am thinking might make a good place for a resort. Then again it would also make a nice place for several log cabins. Not really sure yet as my plans aren’t solidified and they tend to change as I go. I’ll be tearing out existing lots and putting in new ones, probably smaller as I’m not a fan of the larger lot sizes.

I tend to save often as I build in case I change my mind and want to go back. I’ll post again as soon as I have some results.

Have a happy!


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It just vanished….

Yesterday I spent hours going through about 20 old save game files I found. I now have copies of a LOT of my buildings, at least dating back to 2013. This made me very happy. I also found about 20 more sims I had created and forgot about. Another win scenario!

When I went to load up my Ever Changing Valley <ECV> I couldn’t find it. Evidently when I deleted all the copies of those old saves I also deleted my new game. I am so freaking glad that I had just started that world. Not so glad that I forgot to make a library copy of the new custom lot I had just built <sigh>.

So now that I have everything I need and my mods are in place, let’s do this. Load the game, bulldoze the buildings I don’t want, move one sim into town, reset everything and total annihilation.  SAVE GAME! Then I will pick an area and start the modifications.

I swear tomorrow I will have results to post!

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