New Blog, New Project


If you are looking for my old book blog it’s gone. I wiped it out. Welcome to my new Sims blog 😀

Currently I am playing TS3 but you never know when I will switch to TS or TS2. I’m weird like that. I never bothered to dl CAW so any world changes I make are done within the game using the world editor. At the moment I have WA,  HELS, AMB, FLS, LN, & GEN. The only extra world I have is Riverview. I doubt I will bother with Barnacle Bay as I have no interest in pirates popping up everywhere. At least not right now. I plan to buy OLS as soon as I catch it on sale. My current patch level is 1.26. Yes, I know I am way behind on my EP &SP purchases but I prefer it that way. It gives EA plenty of time to patch what they plan to and Twallan to fix what they won’t. I love Twallan’s mods 😀

My new project is called Aphenniea. I started chasing the idea around my brain at least a year ago and finally started building last month. I really like the SV map. It’s attractive, has plenty of space and it has never glitched on me. So that’s where I started.

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