Aphenniea – prepping the world

So the original world of Sunset Valley or SV which comes with the base game has 97 lots. I didn’t bother counting them that’s just what everyone told me it had. By the time I got done rearranging things, ripping out lots I didn’t like and putting in new ones wherever I felt like I had 197 lots. Cool huh? I did leave the beaches and fishing spots as well as the large park. I rebuilt the large park quite a bit but left the others alone. This left me with 189 lots to do with as I wanted.

I decided to build my commercial lots first. Here’s the list of the commercial lots I built from scratch and their sizes:

Free Clinic 30×20; Not Gold Gym 15×10; Trailer Park Laundry 20×15; Campground 20×20; Waterfall Point Subway 20×15; Dale Poof Research Facility 64×64; Fine Arts Museum 25×30; Military Recruiters Office 15×10; Suite Pool 30×20; An Old Barn (criminal hideout) 30×30; Wash ‘N Wear Laundry Services 20×15; Poof Memorial Hospital 32×40; Bistro Alana 30×30; Curt’s Fish-n-Chips 15×10; Corner Grocery 30×40; Dustin’s Produce Plot 30×20; The Drive By (local watering hole) 20×15; The Daily News 20×20; Uptown Subway 20×15; Hogan’s Diner 30×20; Police Station 32×36; Llama Stadium 64×64; School Campus (3 schools with room for more) 48×64; Turning Pages (bookstore) 16×18; Lost Graveyard 15×10; The Day Spa 20×20; Fire Department #1 30×30; Up Town Salon 20×20; Joe’s Scrap Heap 32×63; Hidden Treasures (consignment shop) 15×10; Town Library 35×25; Not Quite Pagoda Palace (fusion lounge) 20×20; The Bootie Shaker (dance club) 40×20; The Hustle (disco club) 20×20; Wet Bar (poolside club) 30×20; The Warehouse (dive bar) 20×15; The Dome (sports bar) 20×20; Space Station Subway 15×10; The Goth Spot (vampire lounge) 30×30; Ninja Training Academy 20×15; Fermentation Station (nectary, which is like a winery only they don’t ferment the juice) 40×30; Peace of the Buddha (chinese garden) 30×40;  Game Stop (hangout) 20×15; Up Town Gym 20×20; The Food Stop (supposed to be an outdoor cafe) 15×10; The Country Club (exclusive lounge) 35×25.

For the film studio lot  I used the default lot as I like the way they built that one. A couple of the ones I built actually use rabbithole buildings like the police station, the courthouse, the spa and the theatre. For the others that traditionally use a rabbithole building I used rabbithole rugs instead and made the rest of the lot usable. It gives a town more personality if you build most of the commercial lots yourself IMO. Thats 59 lots taken care of and technically I can start playing at this point if I want to. I think I’ll probably start building houses instead. After all, I still have 130 empty lots just begging for attention.

Yeah I know, you want to know when the pictures start because thats why you’re here right? Patience grasshopper O.o

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