Aphenniea – Down Town

While going through my last batch of pics I realized I had completed 3 more commercial lots than I thought. Which means I actually have 127 empty lots not 130.

This is a shot of what the downtown area looked like before I started trashing SV. Click to make it larger.



This is a shot of what the downtown area looks like in Aphenniea. The modern half I call Up Town while the other half I call Down Town. As you can see there are lots more buildings there now.


I kept the large park and just tweaked it as I liked. Since it is across from the School Campus I decided the playground area would be here too. For obvious reasons I named this lot City Park & Playground. I chose to use the base park lot because I wanted the picnic baskets for picnics by the ponds.

Across from the playground you will find the School Campus. The center building is one of the rabbithole buildings, the other two I built to match it. They each have a rabbithole rug inside and room for more if needed. I think I did a pretty good job on this one.

Going clockwise around the park the next lot is Fire Department #1. I started with the default lot that came with AMB and went from there. It’s a bit roomier now and has a second truck. It wasn’t my first choice to put it in Down Town but I needed a central location so there it is.

Next to the fire station is my first attempt at building an apartment. Downstairs is a coffee shop while the apartment is on the top floor of the building on the left. This is a pic of what it looks like from the front. I’ve decorated the interior of the far right building to look like a clothing shop.

This is the rear of the Coffee Shop. The only way to enter the apartment is by the fire escape. Notice the clothesline on the short center building, that is accessible from the apartment only since there is no room for a clothes dryer inside lol. Not sure if this lot will work properly as I haven’t actually tried it yet.

On the corner we find my new bookstore, Turning Pages. While it may not be a fancy looking building it fits in  nicely. Inside you will find the book register from WA instead of a rabbithole rug. Of course there is plenty of comfy seating for the casual browser who is too cheap to buy a book.

At the very edge of the Down Town area is the Game Stop. This lot is designated as a hangout. That means sims with the right personality traits will like to hang out here. Inside you will find video games, coffee pots and places to use your laptop because all decent coffee places have WiFi.

The next lot in the Down Town area holds the rabbithole buildings for City Hall and the Theatre. I like the looks of these rabbitholes so saw no need to build new buildings. Hopefully I left plenty of room for the political protesters. Lots of parking available too.

Behind the Theatre is the old bomb shelter which is now home to The Daily News, our town newspaper and the only place to get any business training too. An ugly little building but what would you expect from a bomb shelter. Inside is the business/journalism rabbithole rug.

As you can see the Down Town area has the general look of most any small american town that’s been there for a while. All of the lots in the Down Town area, except for The Daily News, were built specifically for Aphenniea.

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