Aphenniea – Up Town

Let’s take a look at the Up Town area now. There are still 2 empty lots in the Up Town portion of Aphenniea.

As you can see the Up Town area is a bit more modern. This would be the Up Town Gym where breaking a sweat is done as often as possible. I didn’t bother decorating the 2 upper stories since my sims don’t have access to them but I probably will in the future when I get more equipment.

Traveling clockwise from the gym we have a small outdoor cafe known as The Food Stop. I used the WA food register in the hopes that they would serve foreign foods but alas it acts as a grocery store when not in a vacation location. I will probably end up adding a grill so folks can actually eat here.

This next building stands out even in this part of town with its giant dome of a roof. Our local sports bar, aptly named The Dome, is sure to be a favorite party spot for the athletic sims in town.


This unassuming and rather out-of-place building is the military recruiters office. Yes I know my lots are much smaller than your typical builder uses but I just can’t see wasting all that space building huge venues that look empty with 10 sims inside. I prefer to go somewhere and rub elbows.

Next up is one of the rabbithole building lots. I call it The Day Spa as I was feeling too lazy to come up with a real name. I considered using a larger lot and adding in a pool, hot tub and snack area but decided to save that for a later remodel of the town. Not that I want to remodel my new town but we all know it will happen eventually.

Another custom building with a more modern flair, Hidden Treasures is our towns consignment shop. And yes I do plan to post pictures of the interiors of the buildings and details of the lots at a future time. Why? Cuz I love to build and I have no one to show-off to at home. Hubby is NOT a simmer lol.

Now this building has been re-zoned a few times but I finally settled on fusion lounge and have called it the Not Quite Pagoda Palace. While it has an eastern flair inside the exterior is more in keeping with the architectural theme of this part of town.
I really have fun making oddly shaped buildings.

This bit of art deco architecture is the local disco club. Of course its name is The Hustle. I just couldn’t resist.



No party or shopping district would be complete without an easily accessible subway. This stop is aptly named the Up Town Subway. Yes it has a food truck stop too. I don’t have the downloadable ones, I just popped a copy of the smallest subway lot into my library for use in other worlds.

Now we come to my hubbys favorite building, the Up Town Salon. He says it reminds him of a stereo turntable. I see what he means but that was NOT my intention here. I was just going for a funky shape which I think I achieved. It has 3 makeover stations upstairs.

Here’s a different view of the salon.




For those who prefer to get their exercise doing something a bit more useful, we have the Ninja Training Academy. An excellent place to practice your kick butt. This completes the tour of the very center of Up Town as the actual center lot is still empty. I have no clue what I want to do with it yet.

Let’s begin touring the outer ring of Up Town right across from the gym. The Fine Arts Museum was originally built for another town but I really liked the way it turned out so I’ve added it to Aphenniea. Four separate blocks, only one has been furnished in the hopes that the local artists will contribute in the future.

Moving on to the local poolside club, appropriately named the Wet Bar. If you can get into this fairly exclusive club, you’ll find a rooftop bar, pool and hot tubs. This building has 2 elevators as I simply hate how long the single elevator always takes in the standard EA built lots.

Our Town Library has an open floor plan and lots of light so no one has to strain their eyes. An excellent view of the bay from the upper floors enables a trip to the library to feed your soul not just your mind. I love hanging out at the library, learning is so easy there.

The next bit of Up Town is residential so I will skip it for now as this post is about the commercial lots. Across the square we find our police station. Another rabbithole building, there’s really nothing special about this lot.


The final lot in the Up Town area is the Poof Memorial Hospital. Save your questions about the Poof’s, I will probably share that story later anyway. This is the front view of the hospital. As you can see I went more for function than form on this one.  Inside you will find a rabbithole rug.

The rear view of the hospital is a tad bit more exciting as this is where the emergency room is. There’s plenty of seating for just waiting around. The other empty lot in the Up Town area is next to the residential lots. I haven’t really decided if that one will be residential or commercial yet.

That’s it for the Up Town part of Aphenniea but don’t worry, there’s still quite a few commercial lots left to look at.




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