Death of a PC, Birth of a World

My desktop has died. It seems I fried the motherboard and killed my video card. The ram is still good so I guess hubby can have them for spare parts for his pc. We used to have matching systems you know. My pc was just old enough that I can’t get reasonably priced replacements now. Guess that means I get an upgrade 😀

Meanwhile I am using his lappy to keep me from going totally batty. It will only handle the base game and a few of Twallan’s mods so it’s pretty limiting for me. But that’s cool. I was playing a new fam quite happily until they imploded on me. Now I am cleaning out and redoing Sunset Valley to maybe take a copy over to my new PC if I ever get one. It is fully patched up however and I am not used to that. There’s stuff I have never seen before just popping up all over LOL.

Decided to call the new world Sunrise Valley. I know, not at all original but who cares.

I am going to assume that anyone who is checking this blog out is familiar enough with the Sims 3 to recognize Sunset Valley so I won’t bother posting a before pic. First thing I did was pick a fam and, using Twallan’s Master Controller, totally annihilate the town’s population. Sims really get in the way when you are remodeling a world. Next I scanned up to Pinochle Point and wiped out all the lots except the one at the far end, 2500. Then I turned that mt street into a trailer park 😀


Here’s some more pics: a street lvl view, the pool, the park, the coffee shop and the office/laundry combo. The laundry combo won’t be truly completed until it gets to my new pc because it needs ambitions to finish it.

Screenshot-17Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21

I spent all day on that street. Did you know that there is a bug concerning the decks on support posts? I didn’t either. If you use them be SURE you love them where they are before exiting build mode else you will have to bulldoze the entire lot and start over. They are not removable. Well, they are technically but the stupid pillars remain behind. I hear the same prob exists for dock building with the IP EP. What a stupid bug. Of course my trailers have small decks on posts. How else do you get into them lol.

Next I will start shuffling around the houses and moving most of the downtown buildings out of the immediate area. I plan to leave most of the downtown avail for all the clubs I’ll build for the LN EP. I love bar hopping don’t you? 😀

Have a happy!

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