Finally got that upgrade last month. Loving the new pc. I set it up with a dual boot. I’m using Linux Lite 2.4 for my web surfing and win 7 for my sims and other games.

The new sys is sooo much better than my old one was. On the old pc I had everything installed up through showtime. Due to lag issues I was pretty sure that the puter wouldn’t handle any more than that. Now I have EVERYTHING installed except that nasty katy perry candy coated stuff pack. I did not waste my money on that piece of work. I am seriously loving my game again 😀 Totally no lag and there is so much stuff I have never seen before!!! OMG!!!

At this point pretty much all my old files are non-recoverable so I’ma have to start from scratch again. Not sure which world I want to build in though so it may take me a while. I like Isla Paradiso and I am loving Moonlight Falls. I still have to check out Dragon Valley, Lunar Lakes and Monty Vista and of course the worlds that came with the EP’s that I had never installed before.

So I’ll get to ya.. eventually 😀

Have a happy!

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