Think I fixed it for good this time

A year and a half without my sims. Horrific thought I know. Trust me, the reality was much worse. Let’s gather for the pity party shall we?

I built myself a new PC after my sims murdered the last one. I just adore how smoothly my sims run. Then it happened. Crash. hmmm. A few days later it happened again. Then they wouldn’t load at all. I installed Diablo II and went on a killing rampage. That lasted a couple weeks. I get very irate when my sims won’t load. Once I was finally calm again I installed medieval. I’ve never made it all the way through that game but I love to keep trying. That kept me happy until spring of 2016. Then it crashed. It still loads but after a couple hours it crashes. That’s when I remembered that my regular sims crashed too. hmmm. I let my subconscious stew on that while I installed spore.

I played spore for a few weeks and it never crashed. It just bored me. That’s why I rarely play it anymore. That game was only entertaining for the first couple of days. That’s when I decided to start installing my fav games and I found out that my shiny new win7 home premium 64 bit sucks balls. It hates 80% of my games and refuses to even install them properly, let alone run the things. By then it was around october and I was getting desperate. So I fired up, one at a time, each game that would load and played like a fiend. I managed to make every one of them crash. Even the ones that had never, ever crashed before. Unless I had heat issues. I hate having heat issues.

What did I do you ask? I stole my hubby’s lil desktop fan and pointed it right into my case at my vid card. Then I fired up my sims. They loaded. I played for hours. Yup, I def had heat issues. As long as I turn that fan on before I fire up my game all is well.

Now of course I had a new issue. It had been so long that I forgot what I was doing in any of my save files. So I’ve been playing casually for the last few weeks. With a vanilla town while I add back in my mods, one at a time, trying to figure out which one was causing the lag and which ones I don’t want to bother with any more. I’m a such a huge fan of NRAAS when it comes to sims 3 mods.


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