Choosing,tweaking and naming the new world

Since I was still working on tweaking my mod settings I decided to go pure vanilla and choose Sunset Valley (SV) as my world map. It is, in my opinion, the most dependable and least problematic of the worlds. That means that it tends to respond well to what I do to it. I have this nasty habit of ripping out lots and placing new ones. No I don’t have Create A World (CAW), I use the world editor from inside the game. Depending on what you plan to do to a world it works just fine.

I’m super picky about my mods because a blown up game is just no fun. The only one I use that is not by Twallan is the Clean House For Everyone by Buzzler at Mod The Sims (MTS). Here’s the list of Twallan’s mods that I use. They can be found at NRAAS. I used to use Twallan’s Dreamer mod also but that one causes horrid lag for me so I don’t anymore.

  • Anti Magic Scroll
  • Decensor
  • Master Controller
  • Register
  • Shooless
  • Sleep Freedom
  • Story Progression with modules Career, Money, Population and Skill
  • Written Word

I’m not real big on custom content (CC) for my TS3 so this is a real short list. I have installed the rabbithole rugs by Jynx and the resort tower rugs by Misty. I also have Inge’s invisible floor with daylight. These are the only things I can’t live without. Yeah, I like to build.

I hate the sims skin tones. I remove all the default sims from any town I play, including the dead ones and I permanently removed the default library sims from my game. There are no human colored sims allowed in my games! I used to use the CC skin sliders but then EA added all those lovely custom colors to my game for which I am eternally grateful. As a result, it can take me a few weeks to get the settings in Story Progression (SP) just the way I want them. Getting a town full of colorful sims is easy. Keeping it that way is not.

So I moved in a single sim and ran Total Annihilation thru Master Controller (MC) to remove all the existing families as well as the dead people, then placed my created sims from the library. Then I removed all of the extra lots that the game throws down haphazardly, like the lots from Ambitions (AMB). I saved my game as SV tester and started to play while slowly tweaking the settings for Story Progression (SP). I ended up changing over 100 of the settings in SP. When I thought I had it the way I wanted I exported the settings to save them and renamed my town to Ever Changing World.

Let the game begin!

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