The struggle is real but it can be fixed :D

So far I have found 11 different families for my library, 5 residential lots and over a dozen diff saved worlds. It’s going to take a while to load and go through all those worlds in search of my custom lots.

As for the junkyard spawners. The fix I found doesn’t work. At least not permanently. BUT I found a mod by bluegenjutsu at Naughty Sims Asylum that stops the auto placement of lots. You have to be a member to get it but it’s a free membership. The mod works perfectly! Now I get to pick and choose for myself what I want, where I want it and if I want to build it myself 😀

The bad news is that yet again, I have to start over. But that’s cool. I now have a clean copy of SV with no extra lots, to bulldoze and build my way through. The very first thing I do is bulldoze 3 residential lots because I hate them. The 2 lots where the house overhangs the cliff and that giant lot with the big horrid pink house. Yup I just wipe them out of any game I play in SV. Matter of fact, I also bulldoze the lots themselves on the cliff road and totally rebuild that area.

I also need to decide where the junkyard will go since I only get one shot to get that lot right. I wanted to put it where the mosquito house was <I use a custom lot that is 30 x 40> but the road access there is on the wrong side.

What SV looked like before I touched the bulldozer. Yes, it’s a night shot. Apologies.


After I got rid of the 3 houses I hate the most.

screenshot-100Hmm, I need to figure out how to get a pic with map tags included to make it easier to see where things are moved to.

Ok so now I’m picking a family, annihilating everyone else in town and doing a total reset on the town to make sure everything is hunky dorry.

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