It just vanished….

Yesterday I spent hours going through about 20 old save game files I found. I now have copies of a LOT of my buildings, at least dating back to 2013. This made me very happy. I also found about 20 more sims I had created and forgot about. Another win scenario!

When I went to load up my Ever Changing Valley <ECV> I couldn’t find it. Evidently when I deleted all the copies of those old saves I also deleted my new game. I am so freaking glad that I had just started that world. Not so glad that I forgot to make a library copy of the new custom lot I had just built <sigh>.

So now that I have everything I need and my mods are in place, let’s do this. Load the game, bulldoze the buildings I don’t want, move one sim into town, reset everything and total annihilation.  SAVE GAME! Then I will pick an area and start the modifications.

I swear tomorrow I will have results to post!

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