Starting the rebuild

I’ve decided to start the rebuild here, on this short empty road in the upper left. Normally I do a mobile home park up here but not this time. I want something new and I need to have better school access. The usual travel time on the bus for my kids is an hour and a half. That really cuts into their homework time so I’ll be dropping a new school in the area also. I think this will be my “strange” area. Some spooky style homes, maybe a couple of castles, the elixir shop, a school for strange students and who knows what else.


At the bottom is the default military base. I’ll be bulldozing that too. At the upper right near the waterfall I am thinking might make a good place for a resort. Then again it would also make a nice place for several log cabins. Not really sure yet as my plans aren’t solidified and they tend to change as I go. I’ll be tearing out existing lots and putting in new ones, probably smaller as I’m not a fan of the larger lot sizes.

I tend to save often as I build in case I change my mind and want to go back. I’ll post again as soon as I have some results.

Have a happy!


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