I am so easily distracted

I have yet to get back to the ECV due to a minor miscalculation on my part. I found something in one of those old save game files that I just couldn’t ignore.

I found my legacy family.

The only legacy I ever had really since none of the others I tried to make made it past the third generation before my game imploded. I used to be very good at the implosion thing 😉

For those who don’t understand, a legacy family is one that you start as a single sim and stick with, for generations. The longer the better. Some legacy’s have goals, some don’t. My legacy goals were to carry on a unique hair color and try every possible way to earn money over the generations.

My hubby was hugely excited to hear I found them. Way back in 2012 he had a 2 week staycation and our plans included lots of sleeping, hanging out together, very little cooking and daily computer time together.  On day 1 he stepped away from his pc and asked what I was going to do on mine. I told him I was going to make a new sim and did he want to help? He said sure, why not and the rest, as they say, is history. Let me tell you the story….

It all started in Riverview.

We spent close to 3 hours deciding on her physical appearance, hair color & style, eye color, skin tone, clothing, personality traits. I mean we argued out every little thing. I recall being happy that he didn’t fight with me over her freckles. Then we had to name her. I finally snatched up the dictionary, flipped it open and blindly pointed a finger. Ruby. Yeah that works. He came up with the last name. The most important part of a legacy.

Ruby Poof was born.

Ruby 01.jpg

Ruby was pretty much broke. She lived in a mobile home park in a small, 1 bedroom trailer, ate the cheapest food she could find and scrounged for things to sell because she was saving up to buy a guitar. Ruby wanted to be a rockstar.

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