One day while taking out the trash Ruby noticed that a man had moved into the trailer across the street from hers. And he was cute. She ended up having a kid by him but she never even let him spend the night. Unless he was baby sitting. I totally forget his name.


Ruby had 2 girls and a boy. The boy was born first. We named him Dale and he got his daddy’s skin tone. Since I was partial to female heirs Dale got a normal name.


We had planned to run across the street and get pregnant again but the guy had some blonde bimbo over there so we dumped him and went hunting for another man. I don’t remember his name either. He kinda looked like the first guy though.


This time she had twin girls. Since you don’t get to see hair color until the toddler stage we had to cross our fingers and wait for them to grow up a bit. All the females in my legacy are named after gem stones. We named the twins Sapphire and Pearl.

Sapphire, on the potty chair, got the hair while Pearl, in the toybox, must have inherited her looks from a grandparent. Dale is a teenager in this shot being a very helpful son. As you can see Dale also got the hair but being a male he had no chance to inherit the legacy. Eventually I let him move out and have a family of his own.


Ruby practiced her guitar every day and played for tips in town whenever she had time. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but she eventually made it big. Rockstar Ruby gave concerts until she became too old to look good in her costumes.


The kids did the usual bit of growing and going to school. Dale became the live in maid, cook and gardener while the girls ran a bit wild. At least we thought that was all there was too it. It turned out that if you don’t pay much attention to a child sim they can grow up with weird traits. Pearl wasn’t just weird, she was an insane kleptomaniac. Sapphire turned out to have an adventurous streak.

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