Sapphire, Pearl & Dale


Pearl, the insane klepto, grew up to be not unattractive but she sure was odd. She wanted to be a cop so I let her. The irony appealed to me. The first thing she did her klepto mojo on was the statue in front of the library. I of course, stuck it in my front yard later because, well, just because. Pearl must have had a very interesting life when she was away from the house. I never followed her around and tried to control her. She lived her own life and it turns out she had almost no morals. She kept coming home pregnant and each of her kids had a different father. Luckily she stopped all that after a few kids. Pearl was great fun to have in the house.


Sapphire started traveling as a teen. She went all over the world exploring tombs, excavating for artifacts, collecting rare bugs and fishing for exotic creatures in hidden lakes. I really enjoyed playing with an adventurer. As soon as she got back from her first trip she sold most of her loot and moved the family into a bigger trailer in the same mobile home park.


That’s when Dale started his first fire. It turned out that Dale was not as good a cook as he thought he was. Dale started many fires through the years. Most were in the kitchen but he also caught a fireplace on fire in a later home. The man was a walking disaster. But having him and Pearl in the same house meant the game NEVER was boring.


Ruby got old and eventually died in that home but she had a good life and moved on willingly.


Sapphire met a man while she was in France but it turned out he was married and the wife had issues. Saph found out she was pregnant shortly after returning from that trip. Luckily her lover followed her home. When he found out about the baby he dumped his wife and moved in. Between Pearl’s kids and Saph’s growing family they had outgrown the trailer so we had to move again.


The new house was roomy and I don’t remember if I built it or just remodeled it.



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