Back when I first made Ruby I had a vague set of rules.

  • I wanted to get this family past the third generation since every other family I tried to turn into a Legacy blew up in the third gen.
  • The deciding factors for choosing the heir were female and they had to have Ruby’s hair color.
  • The current heir is the only one who can carry a death flower (if they have one) and only until they birth the next heir.
  • All girl babies get named after precious or semiprecious stones while the boys get normal names.

Ruby only needed 2 pregnancies to meet her goals since Pearl & Sapphire were twins and Saph had the hair. When her kids grew up I decided I needed another rule because complicated families that force me to micromanage just seem to be more entertaining in my opinion. A really full house is fun and wildly entertaining. Strange things happen when you least expect it. So I decided to institute a minimum of 3 pregnancies rule.

Sapphire ended up with 6 kids. First she had twin boys, Ulick and Tola. Tola had the hair but since he was a boy it didn’t matter. Yes I found my notes on the family LOL. Here’s Sapphire’s first baby daddy.


Her second baby daddy was the man she met while adventuring in France.


When Saph moved her second man into the house Pearl decided it was only right to console the first. It may have started out innocently enough but of course she had a child with him. Pearl was a bit hot to trot.

Saphhire also had twins for that second pregnancy. A boy and a girl, Art & Opal. Neither had the hair so yay me I get to try again! Good thing they lived in such a big house or they wouldn’t all have fit. I found a pic of the interior of the house, downstairs. That’s Dale in the kitchen cooking. He eventually got pretty good at it but he still set fire to things on occasion.


And here’s the upstairs, beds and cribs everywhere.


After Sapphire had the second set of twins, and dale had his first kid, I seriously needed a break from the babies. Time to go to Egypt. Adventuring with Saph was a lot of fun. Years later and an adventurous sim is still one of my favorites to play. While she was in Egypt I got to see my first mummy. She fought it, lost and got infected but was able to get cured before she went back home.


My favorite funny moment while exploring tombs has to be the bugs. The look on a sims face when they realize the hole they stuck their arm into was filled with bugs is even funnier than the face they make when they give birth.


While she was gone her sister, hooker Pearl, kept Saph’s man company. Of course she ended up pregnant. Again.


Sapphire seems to have deplorable taste in men. So now she needs yet another baby daddy. Saph is getting pretty close to becoming an elder. Luckily I had the Nraas mod Woohooer installed. She could be old and pregnant if need be.

The big red house was getting too crowded so I took this opportunity to move Saphhire and those closest to her to yet another home. This one was already in the library but I felt it had enough space. As soon as I got them all moved in I realized I had to remodel it due to some routing issues with the multiple sets of stairs and the lack of a rear entrance. When you have an overstuffed house a second, and possibly a third, entrance is a must!

Somewhere in here Dale aged up to elder. He started even more fires as an old sim. Never let an old fire happy sim light the fireplace. Yes, the new house had a fireplace. I have no idea how he lit his butt on fire.


Dale died in this fire but he got freaky lucky. As the family gardener he had been growing death plants and had recently harvested a flower which I did not notice was in his pocket. Upon offering the flower to the reaper he was given a second chance. Yes, death can be bribed. I hear he can be married too but I haven’t tried that yet.


Sapphire found yet another man to procreate with. Thanks to the Woohooer she can have his baby even though she will be old and grey by the time it’s born. Here is baby daddy number 3. I love the look on her face in this pic.


By now I have a house overflowing with children and baby daddies so of course she had to have twins yet again. This time the kids are both girls, Jade and Citrine. I was so happy to see that Jade had the hair even if I did have to wait until they hit the toddler stage to see it. I don’t think I could have handled one more pregnancy with Saph.


Dale died in this house. In the kitchen. As the result of yet another cooking experiment gone bad. It seems the reaper was just waiting around for him.

Dale dies.jpg

Sapphire died of old age in the same kitchen that finally claimed Dale. She was 131. It was a really, really long life. Pearl spent a lot of time crying over the loss.



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  1. Cricket Fox says:

    love the Indiana jones hat

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    • TigerTye says:

      IKR! That is not the hat that is supposed to go with that outfit but it was just too cool to pass up 😀 I want one for me! Sims are even more fun than dressup dolls used to be LMAO.


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