About Me

Greetings to all who have stumbled upon this blog.

My name is TigerTye and I am a simmer. What is a simmer you ask? A simmer is someone who plays The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. I don’t know about those sims4 people since I haven’t bothered to buy that one 😉 We love our sims like we love our families, sometimes more. If you don’t know what sims are then you need to get out more.

For those of you who are simmers, please bear with me as I have a few friends who keep asking me ‘What are sims exactly?’ so at times I will be giving what you would consider redundant information lol.

My TS3 game includes every expansion pack and every stuff pack except the stupid Katy Perry one. Candy coating does not make a game better. My purchased worlds are: Hidden Springs, Dragon Valley, Lunar Lakes, Monte Vista and Riverview.

Why does the web need yet another Sims blog? There is no such thing as too many sims 😛

Have a happy!


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